I am Kellie Yeck and the creator of Levlie House. I graduated with a degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design. I fell in love with Graphic Design in the first design class I took, it just immediately felt like what I wanted to do. As my knowledge and experience has expanded, my love for design has also grown.

Levlie House has been a dream of mine since I was working on my art degree and first fell in love with graphic design. I’m now out of school and loving my life as a stay at home mom but despite the busyness of taking care of my babes everyday, I still find myself with the huge desire to make some time to sit and create. A few years have gone by and I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to commit to launching my shop and the longer i’ve waited, I’ve realized that there is definitely not a perfect time. So with that thought I dove into creating this space. 

My hope for Levlie House is to stay creative and share that creativity with others. I enjoy trying mediums other than digital design and I hope to be able to incorporate those other mediums into my work to share. I also love collaborating with other creatives and I am hopeful this space gives me that opportunity!